Motivational Monday

I don’t know about anyone else, but Mondays are always a little hard around here. Everyone’s still on weekend mode, and the list of what you need to get done during the week always seems so daunting…until now. We decided since we’re huge fans of Pinterest, and Monday mornings are so dreary (even in sunny Florida),  we’re going to start Motivational Mondays to get all of us through the work day. We’ve searched the boards for the most inspiring pictures we could find.

So, motivational message #1.

The best way to waking up is tea or coffee in your cup….right now.

tea or coffee

#2. Should you feel a mood swing coming on, immediately text the guy next to you Kevin, give them the universal imwatchingyou sign, and enjoy their paranoid glances at you the rest of the day.  This will bring a satisfying pick me up all day long.

#3. Before that 2 o’clock feeling hits you, make sure you have a cover so your boss doesn’t notice you napping at your desk.


Enjoy surviving your Monday.


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