The stockings Santa forgot to mention.

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning and having a hard time walking. We’ve all been there and it sucks!

I see it a lot at the store, customers barely making it inside and collapsing into a chair in need of help. To these customers, I always recommend Activia Compression Hosiery. I’ve helped a customer try some on and within 30 minutes she was up and walking again with no pain! (She was so sweet and thanked me a ton of times. It’s customers like her that make me love my job!)

Compression Hosiery is made for men and women and can help with anything from achy joints to people that suffer from venous blood problems. They come in stocking and sock forms so you can choose one that you like the best. They run between $17 and $25 (at our store) depending on which kind you buy.

Why am I talking about stockings?

You may laugh and think it’s not important; you or your loved ones may not have any problems right now. This Yana girl is crazy….right?

According to, 86% of the population will have some form of venous disease. There’s even some fancy medical statistics that show by the time someone’s 50 years old 67% of women and 50% of men will be afflicted with varicose veins (which is what these stockings and socks help prevent).

So I’m not crazy, I’m realistic. They’re cheap and can drastically help you or someone you know. Come by the store or call me if you want more information about them.


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