Ink Safety: For Tattoo Artists and Enthusiasts

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So many people have tattoos – I have one myself. But the thing I’ve noticed about many people is that they usually pay very little attention to some of the most important factors of getting a tattoo…the before.

Sanitation is key.

Before getting your tattoo, it’s important to look at the shop and some of its sanitation standards. As many of you tattoo artists and shop owners know, not everyone is as up to par as we’d hope!

Things to check before getting inked:

Sanitation: Are you protected?

  • Did your tattoo artist clean the chosen area before getting to work?
  • Are all needles and wipes fresh out of the packages?
  • Did they put on a fresh pair of gloves and lay out a new tray cover?

Durablility: Are they up for the long haul?

  • What do their gloves look like? Are they durable?

Don’t be fooled, not all gloves are created equal when it comes to durability. Don’t worry about this after the fact, gloves can break and contaminate the area being tattooed. Nasty infections are the least of your worries.

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Ask Questions:

Working at AMDS has given us a huge advantage in knowing what the best products and procedures are to keep you safe and protected. Don’t be afraid to ask your tattoo artist what products they use or to watch them in action before you climb into the chair.

Looking for the best products?

CaviCide disinfectant liquid and CaviCide wipes are two of the leading products for disinfection and disease control.  CaviCide is proven to be effective against Hepatitis B, TB, HIV and a broad range of viruses, bacteria, fungi, mold, and mildew. Cavicide is strong enough to kill on contact, yet fully biodegradable. Use this product for around the shop or in place of alcohol wipes to ensure protection for you and your clients.

Black Jack disposable gloves are also at the top of their class. These gloves are durable enough for any industry. Use these gloves for tattooing, construction, clinical settings, automotive repair, childcare facilities or lab settings. Their dark color hides any dirt or stains obtained during use.

Want more products to keep around your shop? Visit the AMDS store or call 904 379-4342 ext. 212 to speak directly to Yana for more tips and advise.


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